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The Crowhop



Keeping with my outfield theme, Crowhops are critical to the outfield position.  A crowhop is a shuffle-step like movement that allows a fielder to throw the ball with greater initial velocity and therefore more distance.  Although I've been around the game for over a decade, the physics behind the crowhop never really seemed interesting until you take a deeper look.  Standing still, a player can still throw a ball with tremendous speed.  All of this velocity is coming from the muscles in the arm and torso as the body is whipped through the throwing motion.  When a player crowhops, they are simply adding initial velocity by moving their body towards their target and now, with the same force as before throw the ball substantially harder.  One thing you may see players do is fall down or somersault after a crowhop throw in an effort to achieve as much follow through as possible.  The follow through is critical because the longer you keep your hands on the baseball, the longer your force will be imparted on it and therefor the larger the velocity the throw will have.

Enjoy these impressive outfield throws made possible by using a crowhop!



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