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Why Does Toast Always Land Buttered Side Down?



Before writing this blog post, I could not think of anything to write. After sitting in front of my computer for about 15 minutes thinking of an idea, I started to stare at my toaster. Finally, I realized I could write about the velocity of toast when it pops out. I then proceeded to do further research and in the process I discovered that toast always lands buttered side down. The reason for this is  due to the height of kitchen tables. Usually they are about waist height. As a result, the toast's period of rotation-the time it takes to make a 360 degree spin- is interrupted. When the toast falls off the table, it is only able to achieve a 180 degree spin. Assuming that the buttered side is facing up when it falls, that side will be the one to hit the floor. The only way to prevent toast from landing buttered side down is to double the height of the table.

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