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The Dead Sea



The Dead Sea is a lake that is bordering Jordan on the left and Israel on the right. The dead sea is special because it is the most extreme hyper-saline lakes in the world. a hyper-saline lake is a body of water that has high levels of sodium chloride. Hyper-saline lakes are saltier than the salt water that makes up our oceans. The dead sea is the most extreme meaning that it has the highest salt content of 33.7%. The salt water in the ocean only has a salt content of 3.5%. the dead sea got its name because of its high salt content. when people swim in it, their natural buoyancy enables them to float as if they were dead. buoyancy is when the forces under the object exceed the forces above the object. the net force of an object in a fluid is called the buoyancy force. Archimedes' principle is when the object inside of a fluid is equal to the weight of the amount of fluid displaced. this looks like when a n object is neither floating or sinking. 


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