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Physics of center of mass



You have seen an object resting on another object in a way that doesn't seem to entirely make sense based upon what your used to seeing and you basic knowledge of how things should act. Generally this is to do with the center of mass being somewhere unexpected. When several objects are attached, they balance on their center of mass. In the image below, it doesn't seem to entirely make sense without an understanding of canter of mass. Although this doesn't seem like it, the center of mass of this system is right on the plane of the cup, however, it looks as though the center of mass is in a different place. A center of mass cannot be assumed without knowledge of the mass displaced in the object. An object may look as though mass is displaced evenly throughout but the center of mass will not be found in the middle as you would expect because mass is not evenly distributed. Center of mass is definitely a tricky subject in physics.Image result for cool center of mass tricks


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