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Washing Machine



Ten months from now, I have to do my own wash, so my parents are making me practice now.  Anyways, while I was doing my wash, I realized there is physics behind the washing machine rotating the the clothes around.  I realized that someone could calculate the centripetal force of the machine.  A person would have to mass the washing machine, then a person would have to measure the radius of the machine.  Then to find the velocity of you would use kinematics.  First you know the amount of time of the washer machine because you can set it up.  Then a person could calculate the rotational distance.  Measure how long it takes for one revolution.  Then with the rotational distance, it could be translate it to translation distance, with the radius known.  Then the person could find the velocity of the machine.  With that, the centripetal force could be found with mass times velocity^2 divided by the radius.  





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