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Ice & Land Sailing



As you know I have written many a blog posts about sailing. Now when it turns cold in the winter, normal sailing has to stop because of the ice. But some persistent people can't let sailing go over the winter. They take to the ice.

What is so surprising about ice sailing is that the 'boats' go much faster than they do in water. And I mean a lot faster.

The main explanation as to why the boats go faster is because of the drastic reduction in friction that occurs. The boats that are made to sail on the ice only come in contact with the ice on relatively small ice skates. Now compared to the friction that happens with a normal boat pushing through the water, these boats can reach some pretty significant speeds.


When it's not as cold and there is no access to water, people take to the desert for land sailing. People have reached speeds 126 mph, and the name of the game is efficiency and reducing friction.



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