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Jumping from high distances



When a person is jumping from a high distances to the ground or other hard surfaces it is important to maximizes the time that you are decelerating. This is vitally important because the thing that causes injury is the force that is applied to you over short periods of time. If you can spread the force out along a period of time the impulse over time wont be a as big thus your body will not have to absorb all of the energy at once allowing for a safe landing. This also allows for the body to be able to absorb greater forces. One way to increase the time to stop is by bending the knees. This is very important because if you don't you will feel the force all through your body:nurse:


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That's really cool, it reminds of all the time I see people who do park core and when they jump from a high height they roll after the land to absorb the force on them. 

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