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Waffles are the best



Awhile ago in class, our table group got in quite a heated discussion on which breakfast food is the best. Now the other side, pancakes, tried their best to convince me of the qualities that make them better than waffles. They brought up point such as fluffiness, and taste, but they failed to ignore that waffles can also have both of these properties. The way to achieve these properties is the cooking time and the temperature. In order to get maximum fluffiness, cooking for a lesser amount of time does not let the batter cook quite as much.

Some points that I would like to bring to the table that make waffles way better is the increase in surface area that increases the flavor. Another feature that makes waffles much better is the pockets that holds the butter and the syrup. Lastly waffles are much better because they are much faster to make as both sides get cooked at the same time.


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2 hours ago, eclark said:

waffles are much better because they are much faster to make

I think it's safe to say you've never made waffles and pancakes?  One is definitely faster, but it's not the waffles...  :jig:

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