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Hot Drinks on Warm Days???



So I recently came a crossed an article that said drinking warm liquids on hot days will actually cool you down faster than a cold drink. I found this really strange because I would have thought that a nice and cold refreshing drink would cool you down,however, like normal I was wrong. I thought that was really interesting so i decided to look into it. I found out that this is actually true. When drinking a hot liquid on a hot day it will cause you to sweat more than than usual, cooling you down. This is cool because with sweat being a natural cool down for the body it is cool how you can manipulate your body temperature so that you can do it more. Drinking a warm drink consistently allows you to produce about a 100 ml more sweat than if you were to drink a cold drink(A warm drink being 50 degrees Celsius and a cool drink being about 1.5 degrees Celsius) So if it a hot day and really want to cool down i suggest that you go grab some nice and hot tea even though a cold glass of water would sound better (which I will probably still drink on a hot day)

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this connects to when I go camping I was always told to drink liquids near my body temperature bc that way the body expends less energy making the liquids a manageable temp

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