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Physics of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege



Rainbow Six Siege is a popular first person shooter game that emphasis the use of destruction for tactical capabilities. With breakable walls, floors, windows and doors, destruction in the game is quite useful and very immersive. I remember a round in the map House where I was help up in the basement defending the hostage. I had reinforced the walls behind me with barriers that prevent the walls from being breached and put a c4 charge on the wall in front of me. I sat and waited to hear footsteps from the enemy. As the enemy broke down the barricaded door adjacent to the wall in front of me, I blew the c4 charge placed on the wall. The charge took the whole wall down and revealed my enemy. I then proceeded to eliminate the hostile and secure the win. Another notable mechanic in the game is the ability to shoot through walls and windows, as well as blow holes in the floor. To make the game balanced and more playable, the game does not allow for entire destruction. A c4 charge in real life would take an entire building down but in Rainbow Six Siege it can only manage to blow up wooden objects. While the destruction of the game is very cool and immersive, it has an even balance that defies physics but not by much. 


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