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Physics of a Frisbee



The are two main factors that affect a Frisbee during flight.  Gravity accelerates the object downward at 9.8 m/s.  In the air, lift and angular momentum act on it.  Lift is created because of its shaped surfaces while it travels through the air.  The reason a Frisbee flows so clean and far through the air is because the air flowing over the top of a Frisbee is much faster than the air flowing beneath it.  The Bernoulli Principle also describes why is maintains this flight.  It says how their is lower air pressure on top of the Frisbee than beneath it causing it to rise.  This principle is also the reason that planes take off, fly and land. So ultimately their are similarities between an airplane and a Frisbee.  While it may just look like a simple disk to have fun throwing, their is actually a lot of physics behind the creation and design of it.     


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