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Bulletproof Vests



Bulletproof vests are becoming much more common as they are becoming very easy to conceal.  People are able to wear them under shirts and jackets and no one would ever know.  They are very widely used in the military and police and law enforcement work.  The vests are designed to disperse a bullets energy in order to minimize the blunt force trauma.  Their are a couple different types of body armor.  One of which is heavy body armor and is made of strengthened steel plates.  The only down side to this is that it is obviously very heavy and not always convenient to wear.  We are finding that today some bullets can even penetrate steel.  A more popular vest would be the light weight vests which are woven out of interlacing strands of Kevlar.  They work the same as the other vests as layers of this tough material deform the bullet and take away its energy during impact.  They are also much easier to conceal and are much lighter than hard body armor.


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