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Week 1



This week I focused on the first three chapters of Mechanics, the introduction, kinematics and dynamics.  I focused more on dynamics as I feel that is the area I needed more work on but both were very helpful.  


Areas that went well included most of the projectile motion.  Describing motion 1 and 2 were also just review as I knew almost everything covered.  Circular and relative motion was a little harder but it made more sense the more I sat down with it and compared it to translational motion.  It is very similar in how you calculate and derive expressions as well as equations you use such as converting kinematic equations by just replacing certain variables with their angular equivalents.


There were a couple of areas that I found to be more challenging.  One being Tension as it was always an area that I struggled with.  As I went through however I began to pick up tips on this as well that would help me.  One being to establish a positive direction right away.  The next being to draw free body diagrams of all of the forces affecting the Tension of an object.  After I got these things down it seemed to come a little easier.  Calculating friction was also something that I found to be challenging.  

My keys to success would include slowing down when I am watching the educator videos.  It helped me to slow down and pause here and there in order to catch up and make sure I understand everything that has been said to far.  I used this the most during derivations as it helped me understand each step of it.    

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