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Survival Hack (Crayon Candle)



In the instance of an emergency and there are no flashlights or candles present, a crayon can be used as a candle. A crayon is similar to a candle in that both are made of a variety of waxes. The only difference is that is a crayon is enclosed in a paper tube while a candle has a wick at the center. The paper tubing of the crayon can be used as a wick which allows the fire to burn steadily down the crayon. When a candle is lit, heat travels at a remarkably fast velocity toward the wax body beneath. Wax has a low melting point, so it instantly turns into a hot liquid which in turn burns the tubing of the crayon. The wax vapor also catches light and burns high above the candle- hence the appearance of a flame.  Conduction then carries heat down the body of the crayon to melt more wax. The crayon burns until all of the potential energy is converted into heat, light and chemical waste. This can last up to 30 minutes. 




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Huh I didn't know that the paper on the outside would act as a wick, I always thought that the reason the wick didn't immediately burn on a normal candle is because it is surrounded, guess that is not the case.

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That's really cool, I would have thought that the paper would burn all the way down at a faster rate instead of as the crayon melts. 

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