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Week 2




This week I studied chapter 4 which included work, energy and conservative forces, conservation of energy, and power.  I found however that I spent the most time learning and working on conservation of energy.


Areas that went well for me included work and power.  Work was mainly review and it was good to go back and solidify my knowledge on the topic.  This was the same for power as I found I didn’t take many notes.  Most of it was review and the questions seemed fairly straight forward.  


The topics that were more challenging was energy and conservative forces and conservation of energy.  What I struggled with at first was the ability to start a question.  I was struggling to understand how the energy of a system was being affected and putting it into an equation.  However, once I practiced that more and more and was able to do it, the rest of the question came very easy.  I would then just substitute in the formulas and would continue with the question.


My keys to success are very similar to last weeks as I followed my own keys to success and found they worked very well.  I paused a lot more during videos to make sure I was keeping up and understanding every that was happening.  I also answered the examples on my own first and then would either compare my answer or get help if I was stuck.


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