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WoP #22: Rick and Morty 1 - Microverse Black Hole



Why do I keep messing with relative size today? It's starting to get weird.

Anyways, I was recently suckered in to watching the entirety of Rick and Morty, a sci-fi show about a kid and his alcoholic mad scientist grandfather who travel to various parallel universes causing all sorts of dark comedy along the way.

For example, the time when Rick created an entire miniature universe in a box in order to sucker the intelligent life inside into providing power for his spaceship/car. Then, when the battery stopped providing power, he and Morty went inside the "microverse" to find one of the scientists had created a "miniverse" which exactly paralleled what Rick had done (except to power the entire planet). They then went inside the "miniverse" to find a scientist who was beginning work on a "tinyverse" (I'm not re-explaining the joke), and go inside the "tinyverse," but get trapped when the "miniverse" scientist blows up the only way out with himself in it (it makes a lot of sense in context).

My only problem with this is that the show treats each layer down not like a parallel universe, but like it ACTUALLY exists inside the box, implying that everything is scaled way down. This would imply that, just based on the size of the battery compared to that of a UNIVERSE, Rick and Morty would be smaller than quarks by the time they entered the microverse, let alone how small they are in the tinyverse. Similar to Antman, this would create a black hole, or at least mean that Rick's car is being powered by one.

Granted, the show takes extreme liberties with physics for the sake of comedy, more of which I'll talk about in a separate post.

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