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WoP #23: Rick and Morty 2 - Cesium Bomb



More Rick and Morty! This time, I'm talking about the episode where Rick and his son in law, Jerry, are trapped in a simulation inside a simulation inside a simulation (no, that's not a typo) by a species of space pirates who are out to get Rick's recipe for concentrated dark matter, which he uses for intergalactic space travel. By the end of the episode, Rick tricks them into blowing themselves up by convincing them that the recipe involves, "2 parts plutonic quarks, 1 part cesium, then add water."

Anybody who knows anything about atomic metals will recognize cesium as an alkaline metal which... doesn't exactly get along well with water. Simply put, by combining alkaline metals and water, you can create a small explosion. And I mean small. While some TV shows will show insane explosions resulting from mixing the two, it takes an insane amount of metal to actually cause serious damage. Presumably the "plutonic quarks" are some sci-fi way of amplifying the explosion, but I'm not going to dwell on that too much.


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