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Off with their head!!!!



The Guillotine is a device used to cut off peoples heads. It was used very much ion the french revolution and hopefully isn't used at all today. While to guillotine is often seen as a machine of death, the mechanics and physics behind it is often underappreciated. The blade of the guillotine is brought up to the top of the device and tied down to hold it in place. When the object that is in need of some chopping is put into the restraints the rope holding the blade is cut and the blade, which is quite thick and heavy is dropped and proceeds to cut the object. The blade is at a 45 degree angle and is brought down on a track with the force from the blade itself. The angle allows for a precise cut and because it is at the angle, requires a lesser force, which makes it more stable. The mass of blade determines how fast and hard the blade falls. The blade has the force of gravity, mg down and the force of tension T up. When the rope is cut/let go of, it drops with the force mg and chops whatever lies below. While the guillotine is quite brutal is was very efficient and innovative for its time period. 

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