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The Physics of "What If".....



The past few days in Physics, a lot of people have been talking about space, time, dimension and how all three of those things are very fluid in reality.  Since the tiny lecture we had on it last week, I have been thinking about the endless possibilities that could arise if these notions become more widely accepted and studied. One thing that really got me interested was the theory of alternate realities.  The simple fact that there are endless universes, every one playing out every single possibility of every decision you ever made.  For each one of these realities, if they do exist, there must be some sort of physics guiding the objects of that universe and whether they would be like ours or completely different, who knows.  Also, if there are proven to be multiple universes, how may we use physics to interact with, or even influence a parallel universe?  The last big question I had was: what would other realities of our world look like if some of the smartest men in our history interpreted the world in a different way, or didn't make the same groundbreaking discoveries.  Would we have the technology we have today? Or would it be something more serious, like the total change of the very Physics principals we study currently.  To me, these are very thought provoking questions that I hope you may enjoy thinking about, and maybe even answering.  Who knows, maybe one day we will live to see these very questions answered by the brightest minds of our time.  And how will those discoveries impact our reality?  


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