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Physics pf basketball



Many concepts of physics are at play in the game of basketball. Many of the concepts in physics separate potential great NBA players,such as myself, and local bums that can barely dribble, Jeremy. First of all my innate ability to produce a force in the y-direction enables me to create an acceleration and elevate to a level much higher than Jeremy. This skill allows me to get rebounds over Jeremy as well as finish difficult shots on Jeremy without getting blocked. also the concept of energy in physics exists when the basketball bounces. If the ball were to bounce from any given height, it will bounce back to some area close to were it stared because all of the gravitational potential energy is converted into kinetic energy the instant before it touches the ground, then back to gravitational potential energy when it reaches it highest point. This why a force has to be applied downward on the ball when a player dribbles adding to the gravitational potential energy in order to bounce back into the hands of the player with the ball. Jeremy is so weak that he can hardly create a large enough force to get the ball to bounce back into his hand unlike very much unlike myself. 

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