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Doctor Who Makes No Sense



To say that Doctor Who does make sense would be ridiculous, but I'm not talking about any one episode. The entire plot line of the second version just doesn't hold up.

For anyone who hasn't seen DW (what are you doing with your life?) the Doctor is basically a time traveling, galaxy hopping vigilante. In the first version, the doctor traveled with all kinds of companions, including people from his home planet, Gallifrey. In the second version, the Doctor has just "returned" (emotionally and physically kinda?) from a battle called the Time War in which everyone from his planet, except for himself, have been killed. So the entire premise of the second version is that the Doctor is now the last of the time lords and is alone as a species, which makes him a little extra nuts.

But for every theoretical physics reason, this makes no sense. First of all, the idea that he is the one and only survivor is silly. And obviously, time travel. The Doctor could travel to literally any time in the past, as he does incredibly frequently, before the Time War, and just have a little reunion with past Gallifreyans. And given that the majority of the Doctors people are also time travelers, some of them could be wandering the future, as well as have escaped the war too.

Secondly, its canon that Doctor Who supports multiverse theory, as the Doctor has traveled to alternate realities many times. So whats stopping the Doctor from just popping into another reality where the Time War never happened if he wants to visit his friends so badly? Could it be plot holes??? And no, nonsense about altering realities and the order of time doesn't fly here, because it's been made glaringly obvious that the Doctor has become pretty apathetic about keeping time stable.

Anyways, for anyone who ever wants some cool sci-fi with lots of crazy (totally legitimate) physics themes, give Doctor Who a shot.

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And of course there's that whole "Gallifrey and the Daleks are time-locked" complication.  As corny and goofy as the show is, what always impresses me is the quality of the writing... and I'm really enjoying the fact that my 7-year-old is now all about watching Doctor Who with her dad whenever mom isn't home (Mommy would find it 'inappropriate.')  :jig:

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