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All About Me



Other than being a student at IHS, most of my free time is consumed by playing volleyball. I also make time somewhere in my busy day to do homework and sleep. I don't know where I want to go to college yet, however I am planning on a major involving cybersecurity/digital forensics and I'm also interested in engineering, which is one of the reasons why I decided to take AP Physics C this year. I also wanted to take physics again because I like both science and math and this class involves both of them. This year, I am excited to continue learning about physics and applying it to real life situations because this is one of the only classes where that applies. However, I'm nervous about trying to wrap my head around some of the theories again this year because I had trouble with that last year. I'm hoping to have a great year with a challenging but intriguing physics class!


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One of the most important things you'll learn this year is that ongoing "I'm struggling with this stuff" feeling... I don't know as it ever truly gets better, but you do get used to it and start to appreciate that even though things feel fuzzy, you have the skills to get through it.  Confidence building, that's it!

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