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I am a senior at IHS this year. Most of my time is spent on the soccer field, whether I am playing, coaching, or refing. I have always enjoyed the challenge of math and problem solving. Although science is not my favorite subject, I found physics last year very interesting, especially the electricity unit. One of the main reasons I am taking AP Physics C is because I would like to become an engineer (environmental/energy and electrical engineering interest me the most). 

This year I am excited to learn about physics on a new and more challenging level. I think I'll enjoy the independence and being able to work at my own pace, but I am also concerned that I will fall into the trap of procrastinating without a lot of structure. However, I am ready for the challenge and I hope that this class will help prepare me for taking college courses. 


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With your soccer background, I would be interested in seeing the research of the physics behind kicking the soccer ball and how to "Bend it Like Beckham" :)

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Yeah, I'm definitely with you on the procrastination bit. It's quite a bad habit of mine. Although, I really think this class will be interesting enough to keep me on track, I hope it's the same way for you!

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