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I'm Having Such a Good Time



Wow, look at me, senior year in the supposed "hardest class in the school", I'm supposed to be the "best of the best", the "smart kid". Well maybe, that is a nice title, but I don't think so - I'm the same as everyone else, except at one point I missed the memo that school is hard. I never really noticed when it was that I started enjoying math and science, guess I just had nothing better to do. And those things are definitely my strong suit, but that's kinda boring to talk about. Other things I like to do are sports, I really like being active and getting out. I "run" track (I do pole vaulting - not that much running involved) and recently I've joined cross country (lots of running involved). I'm a boyscout and I enjoy going camping on a regular basis. Boyscouts is really awesome despite what most people think, you get to hang out with your friends and learn some pretty cool stuff, yeah tying knots, but also important life skills. I myself feel more independent and outgoing, and I have seen shy and quiet kids turn into great people because of scouting. Also we go camping which is fun.

Why I'm taking physics is not much different from the reason I run, I think It's fun I'm crazy I'd be bored without it I'm crazy. That and I really like pushing myself to see if I have a limit. From this year I would really like to see just how difficult physics can get, because last year was hard, but I think I managed to get by with minimal effort while still keeping up with the rest of my life. This year I am really excited to try something new, no idea yet what it will be, any suggestions? Even though I am looking for more to do, I am already really busy, with school, sports, boyscouts, work, I am all over the place, and I am worried it might be too much, but oh well, I'll manage.


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Thrilled to have you aboard BrandyBoy...  I think we'll be able to challenge you a bit this year, maybe the first serious academic challenge you'll face.  When you hit that point (and most students do at some point in this class) -- keep in mind you have tons of fans rooting for you, and it's OK to struggle and fail.  Failing is the first step to success, and learning how to fail productively is a terribly underestimated skill.


Am I hearing the beginnings of some blog posts on how physics relates to boy scouts?  :cold:

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