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I am thee.



    I like cookies and chicken. Two Cs. Just like AP Physics C. I also enjoy playing guitar in my free time and long walks on the beach. I am also an avid fan of the series Game of Thrones. As a varsity setter on the volleyball team, I have to take in each unique play and react based on the situations on the court. This relates to physics in which every problem is a new situation and I like a challenge. I hope to get a real sense of what careers in this field I may be interested in. I'm most excited about teaching ourselves. Not because it sounds like a blast, but because I can use the skills I develop to help me succeed in college. However, I'm super anxious about the tests and workload because I know how difficult they can get. Thanks for tuning in on my first blogventure. Catch ya next time.  


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Howdy NightKing!  What type of guitar do you play?  I have a Seagull, a Taylor, and a 12-string Alvarez, though I'm finding that setting time aside to pull them out and give them the attention they deserve is pretty hard to come by these days.

The self-driven format of the class can be frustrating for a while, but just like you said, it does a ton toward helping you build skills that will come in MIGHTY handy in very short order.  And you get to do it in an environment in which you have lots of folks rooting for you and willing to step in and assist if/when needed!

Don't be anxious about tests.  Do your best.  If you've done your best, the silly little number the instructor writes on the top when you're finished should be far from the top concern on your mind.  If you've done your best, there's nothing more you could have done, so hold your head high and be proud no matter what.  And if you didn't do your best, quit slacking!!!  :mad:


Make it a great day!   :jig:

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As a member of the same volleyball team, I can vouch that you have earned the nickname of "Softest Hands in Section V". Also, if you ever wish to start a band, I could be your upright or electric bassist. We already have these cool usernames for our band member names, and I believe we could create some sick physics parodies. I'm glad to see you came up to this level of physics, and I wish you the best this year. We will definitely be in the same boat. 


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