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Effective Studying



Video 1:

a)       1. Learning is fast             2. Knowledge is composed of isolated facts          3. Being good at a subject is a matter of inborn talent      4. I am good at multi-tasking

B)      For me, I feel like all of these beliefs have an impact on me because I definitely have believed in all of them at some point in time. The final one about multi-tasking makes me think the most because I do check my phone while studying and try to get other things done all while attempting to learn. The third one also hits me as something I have believed in for so long because I know that I think about how some people are naturally good at certain subjects, like physics, and I do sometimes get discouraged because I think that I cannot possibly do as well as they do when really, I can do that well if I spend the time and put the effort into it.

c)       In the video, “metacognition” refers to the awareness that students have when it comes to their level of understanding for different topics. Poor study skills leads to poor metacognition and an overconfidence which then leads to lower grades than they would expect.

Video 2:

a)       The most important factor in successful learning is what you think about while studying.

B)      “Deep processing” means going further into information instead of just focusing on what is on the surface. Going further and relating information to personal ideas can help in remembering that information whether with intention or without.

c)       1. Minimizing distractions to maximize focus will help me to improve my learning because I will be able to take in and start to understand information better without distractions such as my phone in the way.                 2. Developing accurate metacognition will improve my learning skills because I will have a sense of what I know and what I do not understand to help me realize and focus on the information necessary to spend more time on for better grades and learning in the end.       3. Deep and appropriate processing of critical concepts leads me to try and relate information that I need to know to me while going deeper into the learning instead of just what is on the surface.          4. Practicing retrieval and application will improve my learning because I will learn how to really learn and understand information through practicing good learning strategies.

Video 3:

a)       1. Elaboration will help me to actively learn because it puts an emphasis onto relating topics to each other which forces me to really think about what I am learning.              2. Distinctiveness will help me with knowing the difference between topics that are closely related or even completely different.         3. Using a personal learning skill helps in remembering a concept because it is something that can be thought of right away say with the concept of throwing a ball up in a moving car to experience and see where it will land. Labs help to create personal experiences because you can see what is there and remember since you experienced it. 4. Using appropriate retrieval and application skills will force me to realize what concepts I understand by being able to quiz myself in how well I know and can explain certain ideas.        5. Automaticity will help me with the basic ideas because hopefully I will find and solve equations enough that when I need to know them, they have been completed so many times that they become easy.      6. Overlearning will help when for key points that I know I should expect on tests so I can automatically remember information because of the depth in the learning.

Video 4:

a)       1.    What is deep processing?

 2.       Will question generation help to increase the understanding of complex materials?

 3.       How does a student know whether a teacher will be testing on facts or concepts?

 4.       What are good question generation skills?

 5.       What are the differences between good note taking skills and bad not taking habits?

 6.       Have these questions helped you to understand certain skills better?

B)    The tips on taking notes applies to video lessons because you should not write down every piece of information that is given in the video, only they key and important concepts. Some examples are good in note taking as well because when looking back you can see exactly what the concept means in detail.

c)       Forming a study group with rules for effective group study sessions

Video 5:

a)       You should avoid going into denial and panicking when an exam goes poorly.

B)      You should examine how you prepared, review the exam, talk with your teacher, examine study strategies and, develop a plan.

c)       1. Commit time and effort

2. Minimize distractions

3. Attend class

4. Set realistic goals

5. Don’t begin to slide

6. Don’t give away points


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