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How to Properly Study



Video 1:

1)    Learning is fast

2)    Knowledge is a compilation of isolated facts

3)    Success is not based on effort

4)    Humans can successfully multitask

These are the beliefs that if held by a student will simple prevent learning and make people dumb. Many of us today are too attached to the minicomputer in our pockets and are unwilling to let it go. However, learning and studying with distractions isn’t successful studying at all.


Video 2:

                        The most important part of studying is what you think about while doing it. Are you focused on the material and making connections between topics, or are you thinking about playing a game or replying to a message on your phone? Studying is most effective when done to allow for deep processing of material (AKA: making connects, marking differences, and using personal experience to understand material).

Helpful Tips:

1)    Minimize distractions

2)    Have accurate metacognition

3)    Deep processing of material

4)    Practicing material retrieval as it will be required on a test

Video 3:

1)    Elaborate- relating topics to one another

2)    Distinction- recognize differences in material

3)    Personal- relate information to your own experience

4)    Retrieval- practice recalling information as it will be asked

5)    Automaticity- practice beyond basic understanding

6)    Overlearning- study till the material is known as if second nature

Video 4:

                        Notes should be taken by hand to limit useless material copying and online distractions. Only make notes of key material and connections to other material as well as make them engaging to study multiple times.

                        Create a study group with a common goal to move not only a few to better understanding but the group as a whole. Set requirements to keep the group working and focused as well as reducing slackers. Lastly make sure everyone shares the same understanding as the group, any member should be able to answer for the group as a whole.

Video 5:

                        If you fail a test, don’t panic on deny it happened. Review the test and compare its questions with your notes and preparation. If there is material you don’t understand talk with the teacher and add detail to your notes. Being willing and accepting to getting help and clarify what you don’t understand. Then learn from the test and continue working with a new understanding.



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