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Physics is SUPER COOL



So while I was avoiding homework, I went onto Instagram and started scrolling through the explore page. While doing that, I stumbled upon something that I realized I could totally use for this blog about physics. I did not know what they were called at first so I pulled up the Google and typed in "pendulum wave thingy" and now I have learned that it is called Newton's Cradle. The one that I first saw was really cool because it was glow in the dark which caught my attention right away. The video that I then found on Youtube showed that the guy must have made it himself which is really cool! If I have time in the near future, I would love to create one of these for myself. 

Here is the video... 

Until next time, 


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Wow! I found the video very interesting to watch. It was also very soothing when they started moving in patterns. I would love to understand the physics behind this effect some day!

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