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Catching Up Time



I think this title is suitable for this post considering the date (I'm posting this about a week later than I should have).  The last two weeks have been interesting.  To start, there was that kinematics test on the 21st, and I did not exactly get an ideal grade on it.  However, I know why.  I did not plan well enough what exactly I should be doing each day in school and at home, which kept me from using my time as effectively as I could have been.  I think it's safe to say I fell slightly behind, leading me to scramble a bit in the end.  On top of this, I had other things on my mind.  The day of the test, my German exchange partner, Gina, was coming to live with me for a week.  This also meant that I would be missing out on a significant amount of class time that week in addition to time at home that I would be spending with her.  Naturally, I was a little panicked when I came to school Tuesday having to start a unit that everyone else had already been working on in class and at home.  However, I got right down to business and began working through some problems in class and during my free period.  It only took two days for me to feel better about where I was.  On Friday, I woke up to get Gina to the airport by 3:30 a.m. and got home around 4:45.  I decided it was no use going back to sleep (and then learned that if you want to stay awake at 5 in the morning, DO NOT read about supply curves) so I was half dead in school that day.  Then I went to physics.  To my own surprise, I actually got a lot done, and it may have been one of my most productive and successful days in this class so far.  (Side note: Even though it worked out pretty well for me yesterday, I am not going to start getting next to no sleep on a consistent basis.  Health is important too!) At that point, I was feeling great and I knew I only had a little more catching up to do, as I am doing now, until I would be right on track again.  With support from you guys, I think I will be doing pretty well now.  Thanks for putting up with my rambling, I realized this is a pretty long one!

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