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A Box of Minions



At the start, many of the yellow minions with cool goggles and a few strands of hair were captured by the evil Gru. Gru did not want them anymore so he decided to throw them all into a box to ship them off to an island in the middle of nowhere. Gru pushed the box at a constant speed along the ground that had friction. Once he got to the car, he realized that he would have to lift the box with a certain force. The work that Gru does is equal to the negative change in potential energy. He then flies the box of screaming minions to the island. Instead of just kicking them out of his vehicle, he uses a pulley system to reach a platform above him. He is standing with the box and himself on a platform and holding the rope. The power that Gru would have to use to sustain a constant velocity would equal the force times the velocity. From that point on the platform, Gru has a 1000 W electric motor that will raise the platform up a certain height. In 10 seconds, the box will raise that height as Gru runs away as fast as he can. However, Gru did not know that the minions had stolen the freeze ray and were waiting for the perfect time to use it... The minions stole the vehicle while Gru watched, frozen in place. Gru learned his lesson, never become an enemy of the minions.




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