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Frisbee Fysics



Whenever I go camping, a Frisbee is a must.  My brother and I can spend a significant amount of time throwing one around (and a significant amount of time running after it when one of us makes a bad throw).  The last time we went camping, my brother tried to throw the Frisbee without spin.  When he did this, it fell to the ground almost immediately.  Why? I thought.  Well, spinning the Frisbee provides angular momentum.  Angular momentum is what keeps it stable.  The more spin you put on a Frisbee, the more stable it is.  You may have noticed that if you put a very little amount of spin on a Frisbee, it wobbles and does not go as far.  To get a Frisbee to go farther on a more accurate path, put as much spin on it as possible. 

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