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More Weather... Lightning!



In my previous post, I discussed the physics behind hurricanes and their formation. After the crazy lightning storm we had last night, I think writing about lightning and how it connects to physics is a good topic for this next blog post. Image result for lightning

Lightning storms are an example of the electrostatic that occurs in nature. The result of the build up of the electrostatic charge in the clouds are those terrifying strikes. The lightning wants to take the path of least resistance where it branches out and grows. The negative particles in the clouds want to reach the ground which leaves the strikes coming down. Just like hurricanes, lightning is quite dangerous and everyone should avoid being outside during lightning storms. Everyone should also avoid standing outside with a large metal pole during one of these lightning storms unless you the desire to get struck by said lightning. :angel:

Until next time, 



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I've always had a secret fantasy to be a storm chaser and take insanely cool pictures of lightning storms! I guess it's not the safest job in the world, though. :notfair:

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