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The right way to study




Video 1: 

A) “Beliefs That Make You Stupid”:

-Learning is fast

-Knowledge is composed of isolated facts

-Being good at a subject is a born talent

-I’m really good at multi-tasking


The belief that “learning is fast” relates to me because procrastination is clearly a big struggle with me, which shortens the time I give myself to learn something new immensely.


C) Metacognition is a student’s awareness of their level of understanding of a topic.


Video 2: 

A) The most important factor in successful learning is “what you think about while studying”. It’s important to deeply process material rather than skimming the information.


B)”Deep processing” means being able to relate this new information to prior knowledge and making it personal


C) Items That Help Learning:

-Minimizing distractions; maximizing focus: I can make sure that I am in a quiet study area without my phone.

-Developing accurate metacognition: I should ask for help instead of settling for a basic understanding.

-Deep, appropriate processing of critical concepts: I need  to make sure I understand something before moving on.

-Practicing retrieval and application: I should use the information I learn to help with homework.


Video 3: 

A) Aspects of Optimizing Learning:

1. Elaboration: the ability to relate concepts.

2. Distinctiveness: the ability to separate the concepts.

3. Personal:the ability to relate to experiences.

4. Appropriate to Retrieval and Application: the ability to recall the information.

5. Automaticity: a process so highly practiced that it occurs without any conscious effort.

6. Overlearning: continue studying beyond just knowing information to where it can be recalled easily


Video 4: 


  1. What’s the best way to minimize distractions?

  2. How do I develop Automaticity?

  3. Why would it be worse to take notes on a laptop rather than by hand?

  4. What are the four beliefs that make you stupid?

  5. Provide an example of a time where you overlearned a subject and it benefitted you.


-”Provides a key summary”: writing down the main terms that will be called upon later

-”Creates a set of memory cues”: help remind you of what you missed

-”Engages you in the class”: determines whether or not you processed the information deeply or superficially


C) I will get a study group formed with my classmates with goals like these:

  1. Create a calendar and schedule

  2. Set daily tasks

  3. Split up work so that everyone can ask/ answer questions


Video 5: 

A) If an exam goes poorly, I shouldn’t panic or go into denial.


B) Helpful Strategies to Raise One’s Grade include identifying how you prepared for the test and acknowledging your mistakes, going over the exam to see what you did wrong, analyzing your weak areas, checking key concepts missed in your notes, and improving your study strategies.


C)Commit your time and effort, go to class, do all the homework, don’t slide and let the homework for one class prioritize over another.


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