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Let's Talk About Webassign



Let's face it, Webassign.net is great. Even coming from a student, Webassign.net is my favorite ways to do homework. There is something about Webassign.net that makes the miserable part about doing homework enjoyable. Just picture all the times that you have sat down with Webassign.net in front of you and you get that one killer question correct -- you put in the answer, the page reloads, and oh my goodness! there is the green check that you have desired to see! And we cannot forget the progress bar at the top, it is so satisfying to watch that number increase from 0% to 100%, and every increase in completion percentage feels phenomenal.

But, there is one thing that I believe Webassign.net could potentially do to make their service even greater. Just imagine if Webassign.net made an app for mobile phones! Now some people may argue that yeah, it is indeed possible to visit Webassign.net on your browser. But have you tried that? It is not the most enjoyable Webassign experience that I have had. It is often that when working with my usual group in Physics class, that I sit in a seat without access to the computer because somebody else is using it, so I am left with my cell phone to access Webassign.net. It is a pain.

I want to be able to access the Google Play Store or App Store and have the ability to download a Webassign App so I can access Webassign.net wherever I please. With this app, I would love if the "sign-in" button was larger and easier to press, if the words were better fit to a smaller screen and if I did not need to zoom in in order to select the box to type my answer in or select "submit answer."

Perhaps this is simply a personal problem, but I believe that there are benefits in accessing your homework wherever you want and having as many user-friendly ways to access the service as possible. Do you agree?


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