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Minecraft VS Real Life!




Bam. You spawn on a beach and you think to yourself: "Wow, this place would be a nice area to make a huge cottage!" But you look over to the right and there is a big mound of sand in your way. Well luckily for you, it is Minecraft, so you get some tools and you dig it. After it is all said and done, you have three whole stacks of sand in your inventory. That is a lot of sand! How much sand is it, you may ask.

For those of you who have never played Minecraft, the game consists of a randomly generated world where you can mine, and where you can craft... hence the name Minecraft. Each block in the game, whether it be stone, dirt, sand, glass or obsidian, is a cubic meter. In Minecraft, you can also hold blocks in your inventory in stacks of 64 and earlier, you dug up three stacks of sand. Three stacks of 64! That is 192 sand blocks or 192 cubic meters of sand.

To put that in perspective, that is almost a (roughly) three-foot wide and three-foot tall line of sand that goes halfway around a track. Now, how much does that weigh? It is clearly impossible that you could not hold 192 cubic meters in your hand (holding only one cubic meter of sand would probably be hard, too), but how much would somebody have to lift if it were actually possible?

Well, one cubic meter of sand weighs approximately 1,529.2 kg. This means that 192 cubic meters of sand weighs 293,606.4 kg which is around 647,291.31 pounds. So if it was not obvious that it was impossible to hole that much sand before, it is indeed impossible to hold that much.

Finally, a character in Minecraft has 36 inventory spots. This means that it is possible to hold 2304 blocks of sand which would weigh 35,177,716.80 kg or 77,553,590.24 pounds. That is quite heavy!



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