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Medical Physics



Have you ever noticed how physics is everywhere and in every little thing that you do? Well of course you have because gravity is great and all. Anyways, there are so many topics and ideas that physics can relate to and it is absolutely incredible! I had originally wanted to talk about physics in the human body but then I came across the topic of medical physics. MEDICAL PHYSICS IS A THING! Medical physics is exactly as it sounds, physics that is applied to the medical field. That might not sound like a cool thing to you but it is actually really cool to look into.

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Medical physicists can often be found in hospital and universities where they are either working with patients or doing research. The ones who work in hospitals often work with radiotherapy, radiology, x-ray, ultrasound and nuclear magnetic resonance. Medical physicists can often play key roles in a patient's treatment plans. One prominent example is helping to treat cancer patients. Physics can contribute to saving lives!

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