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A Couch... And My Hair



Since we just started electrostatics, I thought I'd do a blog post about something related to that.  So we all remember the demonstration with a balloon and someone's hair, right?  I know we did it in physics last year, but it's probably something most of us did as kids.  Well, my brother and I used to do something a little different.  Notice, I said used to, so I tooooootally wasn't doing this last week.  Instead of a balloon and our hair, we used a couch.  I know that sounds really weird, and I honestly have no idea how we came up with that idea.  But when we rubbed our heads on the back of the couch, our hair would stick up like crazy when near the couch.  Sometimes, you could even see sparks between our head and the couch.  Like with the balloon, when the hair is rubbed on the couch, electrons moved from the hair to the couch, giving that part of the couch a negative charge and the hair a positive charge.  This is why the hair is then attracted to the couch.  It looks really funny with my long thick hair.  I know you guys are all dying to try it now, so go find a couch and rub your head on it!


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In the winter my bedroom gets really dry, so when my PJ's rub against my sheets, you can see small sparks all over my bed when the room is dark!

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