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Physicists and Musicians!



I know you guys are probably wondering how many music related blog posts I could possibly come up with, and the answer is... a lot.  For those of you who do not know yet, I am planning on going to college as a physics major and music minor, so anytime I can bring these two subjects together is a great time for me!  On that note (hehe, music pun), as a musician and physics student, I thought I would share with you some physicists who are also musicians!

Albert Einstein played violin! (just like me woah!)

Diane de Kerckhove: jazz singer and songwriter 

Brian May: lead guitar for Queen

Brian Cox played keyboard

Woody Paul: vocalist and fiddler

Werner Heisenberg played piano

Also, Jonny Buckland, the guitarist of Coldplay (my favorite band!), studied astronomy and math in college!

So hey, I guess physics and music aren't such different fields after all!





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