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I was at Wendy's today, getting a drink, from one of those fancy drink dispensers. It is amazing how there are so many flavors and types of drinks to choose from, a massive increase in choice from those old ones where you could choose from a variety of like ten drinks, now it's more like 100. The machines are very compact too, all the drinks are dispensed from the same exact place on the machine. The machine is coded itself to of course give you the drink of your desire, go on the menu and select your type of drink and flavor until you've gotten to a specific drink of your liking, then hit the button. Cherry Coke, Minute Made lemonaid, or all the Poweraid flavors mixed together into your own concoction of "rainbow Poweraid" - it's all that easy, but how the drink gets into your cup is also a bit like coding, you pressing certain inputs will get different outputs, this is similar to doing a lab. To inspect different things in physics we will do certain inputs - perhaps dropping a weight, or oscillating a spring - and different outputs occur which need to be analyzed, like drinking your rainbow Poweraid, thinking it was not worth making that old guy behind you mad at how long you were taking, and it doesn't even taste that good, you probably should've just gone with one flavor, two at most. But that's how experiments go.

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