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Good job guys! We made it through half of our senior year!  Not only that, but we also made it through mechanics, and now it's time for electricity and magnetism.  For me, this quarter is when I started to figure things out, but I also had added challenges.  I started to get the hang of the time management involved with this class.  I was able to start planning better what I would get done when, as well as figuring things out with my partner in class. Of course, I am not perfect yet, as we can see from the fact that I have done most of my blogs this week.  Next quarter, I will definitely try to stay on top of doing one a week, and I mean it this time!  Honestly, these are fun for me because I also enjoy writing.  I'm hoping the rest of the year will be a little easier for me because some of the added stresses are going away.  This quarter was also all about applying to colleges.  I applied to 8 schools and have gotten acceptance letters from 5 of them.  I'm just waiting for 3 that I will hear from in March because I could not apply early action.  I've also been invited to participate in multiple honors programs, and a couple of them required me to miss a day of school or a couple rehearsals to come interview.  At this point, these things are finishing up, and this semester I will be able to focus more on high school!

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