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A Ramble About Stuff.



So as part of our assignment i was told to blog, so hear it goes. And while im sitting here watching Spongebob i might as well do something productive.

In response to momentum and impulse, i embedded a video of something pretty cool. So say two cars, each of approx. 1100kg, each going 30 m/s collide head on. One a 2009 Chevy and the other a 1959 Chevy. First of all, if this collision is totally inelastic, and we can assume that Ptotal=(M1 + M2)V, and therefore (2200kg)(30m/s)=66000kg*m/s, then at the end of the collision both cars are at rest. Therefore the change on momentum, or impulse, is 66000kg*m/s. A pretty big bump in the road. And say that the collision's impact lasted the span of .2s, then that means the force felt by the drivers was 330,000 Newtons. A very big bump in the road. Without an airbag, the dummy's face is absorbing all of that damage, and then he ends up looking like chris soufleris. However, with an airbag, that force will be diminished greatly, saving someones face from utter destruction.

^^Hopefully my physics is right on this, and if its not, then God only knows how my test will end up...

In Loving Memory (because after Thanksgiving, or before the test is over, I'll probably be dead),


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congradulations [not]TheBrightestBulb, i thouroughly enjoyed your blog post. I found the crashing of cars to be original and creative. I also liked your evaluation of the momentum and impulse, and hopefully it will inspire me to a 100% on this test tomorrow! Thankyou!

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