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Is Math Invented or Discovered



Anybody who has ever taken a physics class knows that math plays a very essential role in solving problems that explain the laws of the universe. The question is: has math always existed and waits for us to discover it, or is math our own invented logic? There are many mathematical phenomena that are mysteriously found to come up in nature such as the Fibonacci sequence, and the numbers e and pi, that would be evidence of math being a preexisting language of the universe that we are continuing to discover.  There are also some people that would say numbers are just a way for our conscious to understand how things work. Aliens might not know what math is but still have there own unique way that they understand the universe without using numbers in any way what so ever. The argument can go both ways but one thing is for certain: for humans, math has never failed us in our journey in studying the universe, so whether it is made up or not, it works!!




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I wholeheartedly love this question! For so much of math to seem true the question should begin where math draws its truth from and why it would seem it explains so much. Some say that our universe is composed purely of math independent from any human mind and we see only a sorry resemblance of it. Others may say that math only exists as long as there are humans to define it or only when math itself is manifest.

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