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Joe Kelley hits Tyler Austin. You wont believe what happens next.



The day was April 11, 2018. Tyler Austin (bleow left) slides into 2nd base in the third inning with his spikes up, spiking Boston Shortstop Brock Holt (below middle), the two exchange words, the benches clear but then it all settles down. Then in the seventh, came the shocking events.


Image result for tyler austinImage result for Brock HoltImage result for joe kelley boston


Boston Red Sox Pitcher, Joe Kelley (above right), decides that Tyler Austin has to pay for his actions, he was looking for blood. Kelley throws one pitch which misses Austin but the second, a 98 mph (43.8099 m/s) fastball to the hip. The ball had 139.15 joules of energy upon hitting Austiin in the hips which has to hurt. ( a baseball has a mass of .145kg so KE= .5(.145kg)(43.8099m/s)^2) It takes about 4000 joules of energy to break the human femur on average so Kelley would to have had to throw 234.89 m/s to really do any damage to force Austin to the DL. (4000J= (.5)(.145)(v^2) therefore v=((4000J)(.145kg)/(.5))^.5) The fastest pitch thrown in 2017 was 105 mph or only 46.9 m/s. So the joke is on Joe Kelley, they both get ejected and Austin will come back witha  venjence.


Also the two fought clearing oth benches and bullpens. Image result for tyler austin

Image result for tyler austin



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