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Kennedy Space Center



During my vacation in Florida, I also visited the Kennedy Space Center.  While I was there, I got to take a bus tour, see a spaceship, see the space shuttle Atlantis up close, and try a launch simulation.  Throughout the day, I kept thinking to myself, "hmm.  I should really write a blog post about this visit.  But what exactly do I write about?".  Well, I think I found something.  While we were there, my mom asked me, "so, does this get you?".  Yes, it does.  My visit to Kennedy reminded me of what people are capable of when they put their brains to the test.  It also reminded me why I'm in this class and why I'm going to college as a physics major next year.  I want to be able to apply my knowledge in my life.  I want to help us continue to explore what we don't know and make new discoveries.  Who knows what the future may hold?

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