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Locker Shocker



Today at my locker, I took a stand against lockers everywhere. Every morning coming into school I visit my locker first thing to put away my jacket. I have been needing to wear a jacket for longer this year because of the ceaseless cold we've been having here in New York. To get to the point, I would come in from the cold wearing my jacket and go to my locker to put it away for the day. Like rubbing your socks on a carpet to induce a charge on yourself, the act of taking off my fleece jacket rubs it on my shirt, inducing the charge. This charge is then discharged when I touch my locker to hang up the jacket. If anyone else has also experienced this, they will know what kind of fear it can bring a person. The shock is unpleasant, yet not overly painful, but surprising nonetheless. This happens because the jacket rubs electrons off on my body, and then touching the locker which is grounded causes those electrons to leave, and in quite a hurry. So today I rebelled against this by throwing my jacket in my locker and then closing it with my show, which is insulated or something. 

I haven't felt a shock yet today, I wonder if I still have excess electrons...


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