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Sport Science: What they didn't cover




Before you read this post, visit the link above and watch the video.

Now that you've watched it, that was pretty amazing huh? Now one thing that John didn't talk about was how "soft" Cromartie's hands are. A ball thrown 12 yards at 45 MPH doesn't have much time to slow down, so Cromartie must stop all of the 45 MPH ball's momentum. Now the mass of a football is .43 kg and 45 MPH is 20.25 m/s so the momentum is 8.7 kgm/s. Now, to stop the ball in .05 seconds, his hands feel a force of 174 N, which will definity sting just a little bit (I got the force by dividing impulse, which is change in momentum, by the time of impact). Now imagine a Brett Farve throw, which i would imagine comes out faster than 45 MPH. Either Cromartie has an extremly high pain tolerance, or his hands are as soft as catchers and goalies, which the video helps to prove.

Random Sports Fact: Tony Stewart passed 118 total cars in order to win his race on Sunday.


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Well done, daboss. It's a nice video and an estute analysis. However, it would also be cool to talk about how much power the man has to react and move at such speeds with his weight.

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