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Reasons Why The Cubs Fan Always Throw The Home Run Ball Back



Why does the Chicago Cubs fan always throw the home run ball back? Read to find out why.

Nowadays, especially at the time of playoffs, several baseball teams throw the home run ball back.

It's more like an obligation for the Chicago Cubs fan. In case the fan is not throwing back the ball then the fans in the Wrigley Field shout together "throw it back" Check out the Jason Heyward jerseys.

The incident took place in 1969, Chicago Cubs were visited by Hank Aaron and the Atlanta Braves at Wrigley Field. During the game, a home run was hit by Aron and it was his 521st home run in his career.

A 24-year-old bartender known as Ron Grousl caught the ball. Grousl tried to give the home run ball to Aron after the game but Aron ignored him. Grousl felt insulted. Aaron was troubled by the fans as they were throwing beer on him above the right field.

Another home run was hit by Hank Aaron in the next season at Wrigley, and Grousl caught it again. The previous incident troubled him so he threw back the back on the field.

This incident was noticed by others and other fans started doing the same. This tradition became popular in the 80s and spread to other baseball fields.




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