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I had the opportunity to meet with a colleague, teacher, friend and peer on Wednesday, and I'm thrilled with how our breakfast (and work meeting) progressed. Having known each other professionally for close to 10 years now, from a time back before either of us entered education, it was a tremendous experience to sit down and talk about what's working in our classrooms, what we envision for the future, and start putting plans together to achieve that vision.

Following breakfast, we settled down to work by looking over what had been completed so far at APlusPhysics.com. I was amazed at how closely our visions aligned... although I probably shouldn't have been since this colleague, in many ways, provided some of the grounding for this website project in the first place. We then spent the better part of four hours working on various parts of the website, each of us contributing in our own ways. I look forward to seeing what we can build together, and am very excited to have another viewpoint for input, contribution, and criticism as we move forward. Thanks Tom!


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