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The SAT Physics Subject Test



On Saturday, i subjected myself to torture. No, I wasn't watching swagmeister do pushups, I was taking the SAT Subject Test in physics.

Overall, I thought it went well. There were only a few questions I stuggled with, but otherwise I was able to work my way through the problems. Electrostatics, which has always been a pain for me, wasn't that bad, although I think that's because I spent a good chunk of time reviewing that. Magnetism, however, was what I stuggled with. The concept of magnetic and electic fields (and the problems they ask you about them) have always been a hard topic for me. However, I made it out alive and think that I squeezed out a good grade.

The one recommandation I'll make is to take the test in the spring, when you've covered everything and it's still fresh in your head, instead of trying to go back and review it all in a week (like me). If you are looking for a review book, for any non-calculus physics test, I'd recommend the Honors Physics Esssentials book that my teacher (the author) let me try out. The charts and illistrations helped to organize info in a way that it can be easily reviewed, and i felt like there wasn't a question on the test that I felt I had no clue what to do. Now, its football time.

Random Sports Fact: The 49ers are the 1st team since the 1923 Milwalkee Badgers to not give up a rushing touchdown in the 1st 12 games of a season

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I'm glad it went well and you thought that the book helped -- magnetism is one of the trickier topics in physics, and for many (myself included), you don't really "get it" the first or second time through.

Random Sports Response: I can't wait to see the 49ers and Steelers match up on the 19th!!!

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