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group labs



we all were thinking it....group labs when eric does the work, koss works logger pro, reed takin charge on everything and raising his voice.....i like it. Yes there is some yelling some crying and lots of yawning, group labs are still the best thing ever.

Lets see, currently koss is finding random facts about diego rivera, eric is yelling (shocker),nick is playing with expensive toys to amuse him, im just chillin and watchin and ooop...theres mr f reading over my shoulder. Now reeds on a chair trying to break our zipline. gavin is talking about gambling. OMG MADDIE JUST LAUGHED. tim just told me he has herpes.....must be beths fault.... Chris ford is starting political arguments whcih never ends well. Kelsey needs to stop talking she is wayyy to loud and distracting. Now the class is discussing Mrs Brazil. Mr f is just miding his own business.....o golly i hope eric is almost done. Chris ford is now in some seducing model position on the table.....and i think nick l think nick likes it:couple_inlove:. Just used my first smiley, get on my level. Koss broke the computer.... yesssss. Chris ford took his shoes off...smells weird. Now we have seperated into two groups.....Koss, Maddie, eric, and Sarah are at one table working diligently and everyone else is slackin by me. Im not slacking...im doing a blog post. thank god the period is almost over....time to nugget6 texas bag. winning


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